We need to re-think public ablution…….

Eileen van der Schyff

Residents told Namib Times the almost total absence of public ablution facilities in Walvis Bay is the reason why many vacant land has become revolting places as a result of people relieving themselves there. Stench and human faeces are proof of countless open plots becoming public toilets, simply because there are no alternatives.

Although many residents agreed people are ill-mannered to relief themselves in public, including spitting, something needs to be done. One resident suggested public ablution facilities should be constructed by the local authority and leased out on tender for people to earn an income keeping it neat and tidy and secured. “We need to re-think the introduction of public ablution”, he said.
An example is a resident of 5th Street in Walvis Bay: The resident explained to the newspaper he cannot live with the stench coming from the plot next to his house anymore. “I cannot open my windows on the one side of my house. The terrible smell of human waste is ever present. I have contacted the Municipality to inquire about a clean-up, but I was told [understandably] that it is not the responsibility of the Municipality.
The municipality in return explained at numerous occasions officials contacted the owners of the vacant plots, requesting them to regularly clean up the spaces but no one seems to pay heed to these requests.

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