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Joint investment and joint empowerment

the new normal for Namibian fishing industry.

Days if quota selling are over.

No more place for lone rangers

Floris Steenkamp & Rudi Bowe

Tunacor Group celebrated a triple achievement on Friday. The launch of its Seafresh squid processing plant (see report elsewhere in today’s edition); the inauguration of its new jetty and reaching the mark where it officially employs more than 2 000 people.
Fisheries Minister Bernhard Esau officiated at the celebrations of these milestones on Fri-day where he said the new jetty will ease fishing operations for Tunacor in that loading and offloading of vessels will be faster and thereby shorter turn-around times for vessels to return to the fishing grounds.
The 70 meters long and 16 meters wide jetty was constructed at a cost of N$35 million and has ice- and fuel supply pipes integrated in the jetty’s structure. The development of the jetty raises Tunacor Group’s profile to stay among the top Namibian fish processors.
With regard to the 2 000 employees mark, the Minister congratulated Tunacor Group for this achievement and said that is in line with his mission as fisheries minister to ensure the highest number of employment opportunities created for every ton of fish caught, landed, processed and distributed.
“Maximisation of jobs is not a loss-making venture as some critics argue. We must be smart and invest in value addition so that, as we employ more people to add value, we are also fetching higher prices for our final products. This is a win-win scenario which Government is determined to promote”, said Esau in his key-note address.
The Minister, in applauding Tunacor and Corvima right holders for investing and building their fishing operation and ensure value adding capacity grows, again reminded right holders the days of selling quotas only for profit and at no risk or exposure are gone. “Let me repeat what I said earlier. To our right holders, and especially those who are now seven years in the sector: there is no place for quota selling in our fishing industry. There is no future for lone rangers who, despite not having enough resources and capacity to invest alone, still complain against working together in Joint Ventures”, the Minister is quoted.
To large fishing operators, the Minister also had a message. He urged these large stakeholders to open up and work in partnerships with new stakeholders, particularly previously disadvantaged Namibians.
“People shall share. Quota allocation must be done in a way that encourages joint investment and empowerment. This is the new normal in our fishing industry”, the Minister proclaimed.

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