WECA needs your support

Walvis Bay Elderly Citizens Association (WECA) is an non-commercial organisation that was established by the elderly for the elderly on 12 April 2021 and is operating under the auspices of Namibia Senior Citizens Association (NASCA), NGO and has also full support from Walvis Bay Town Counsel.

The core responsibilities of the WECA are to unite all ethnic groups in the Republic of Namibia, work closely with the local leadership, the Governor, Social Workers, Health Centers, Churches and Business communities.
NASCA and WECA are guided by the United Nations Principles for Older Per-sons Adopted by General Assembly resolution 46/91 of 16 December 1991.
The Chairperson of WECA Ms Fransina Fredericks, on behalf of all the pensioners who need assistance, kindly request for any type of support or sponsorship for the respectable elders who spent the best time of their lives to create our country.

WBEC would like individuals and companies to please assist in implementing of their development plan that is as follows:
Specific Objectives:
To ensure adequate nourishment and clothes for the targeted the poor helpless and destitute an Old Aged person.
To ensure access to instant and quality health care for the poor helpless and destitute an Old Aged persons so that they can get awareness on health and hygienic issues.
To provide an Old aged persons the access to fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs and spiritual formation.
To promote the resources and generating activities for their financial sustainability and to create funeral cover for every member.

Our aim with the development plan is to achieve the following:
Foods and clothes:
Organise collecting points for clothes donation where citizens can bring some clothes what they ae willing to donate (near supermarkets) with future distribution among WECA members. Arrange tables, chairs for members involved, boxes for donated clothes, money box for donations.
Organise hot meal supply once a week in a few places in Walvis Bay by donators who already shown their help for Covid-19 victims and other respectable supporters.
Health Care facility:
To supply the Old Age Home with blood pressure machine, thermometers and a scale.
Organise with hospitals a regular monthly checkout of sugar, cholesterol, saturation, etc.
Based on Checkout create electronic Table for all WECA members with their health para-meters in order to monitor their condition.
Organise weekly training of healthy life style with practical exercises.
Create the List of most common deceases of members for study and exercising at healthy life style program.
Mental, social and spiritual development:
Involve as more as possible WECA members in positive and creative activities.
Create a List of Skills of each member in order to use it for common bene-fits.
Establish recreation days (weekly) with showing all talents of members (singing, dancing, reading poems, exercising, funny stories, stories of good life examples, small competitions) empowering others.

Financial sustainability:
The WBEC will achieve financial sustainability through earning from the following components:
1. Pre-paid electricity and water meters service: The committee of the WECA will in joint venture with the Municipality of Walvis Bay Town Council install pre-paid water and electricity meters in the townships, this will enable them to sell water and electricity to the entire community of Walvis Bay Town to earn revenue in profits.
2. Community Contribution: WECA will encourage the community to contribute for the poor helpless and destitute old aged as per their ability.
3. Involvement of government and non governmental stake-holders: WECA will establish effective co-ordination with local government, government departments, local churches, religious leaders, traditional leaders, NGOs and donor agencies, and solicit their all possible co-operation.
4. Fundraising sales: Braai plates, Hotdogs, Currybunnies, Curry and Rice, etc. will be sold to targeted segments in the various townships during the month ends.
Fredericks said “We have about 250 members and can arrange 2 events in a week with 25 – 30 members each. By this way every member can attend the event once in a month. Monthly medical examination for each member and healthy life training could be included in each event. All Covid-19 restrictions will be followed at all events.
Create Database of all members.”
“We are looking forward for sponsorship for a better life for the elderly and to extend and upgrade our Old Age Homes facilities” Fredericks said.
Fredericks said “We all become older one day and we will need the support of our community. Let’s create this relay race from one generation to another and pay our respect to our deserved citizens.”
We need your support

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