Well-known Mondesa resident Shot in the head

Isaac Chikosi 

Police reports over the weekend have confirmed that a 32- year-old-man is fighting for his life after he suffered a gunshot wound to the head on Saturday between 12:30 and 13:00 in Mondesa, Swakopmund. He burgled a house and was shot by the owner.

According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, one Jesaya Kauluma broke into a house in Meduletu, Mondesa and stole a frying pan worth N$500. Following this, the owner of house chased this alleged housebreaker.
The Police further revealed that upon confrontation, Kauluma drew a knife with the intent to stab his pursuer. It is then that the 40-year-old house owner pulled out a pistol and allegedly hit the housebreaker on the head with a pistol. In the process the gun went off and the housebreaker was wounded in the back of the head.
The victim was rushed to Swakopmund state hospital in a critical condition. He was later transferred to Katutura state hospital, Windhoek.
The 40-year-old house owner has been identified as Matheus Kondjeni Alweendo. He is now charged with attempted murder whilst Kauluma would be charged for housebreaking with intent to steal. According to the police the item stolen was recovered and the firearm used was confiscated. Mina Kauluma, the victim’s mother expressed her total disbelief and heartbreak when she heard her son was shot. “This man (Alweendo) must not get bail. He must stay behind bars until our son has recovered. We don’t know if he will be ok”, she said yesterday before Alweendo’s first court appearance.

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