Weskus 4×4 Vasbyt

Rudi Bowe

The annual Weskus Vasbyt promises to be the biggest one yet will take tomorrow 18 May at Dune 2 behind Dune 7 in Walvis Bay.

Spectators can once again look forward to a face full of sand as competitors from all over the nation attempt to tackle insanely difficult obstacles through the course of the day.
‘Vasbyt’ is a format that is unique to Namibia, and while it may be held all over the world, no one quite does it like Namibians. From hill-climbs to water logged holes, a Vasbyt tests every aspect of off-roading – to the extremes.

Working on a points system, drivers and their co-pilots need to navigate a series of stages, losing points for every mistake they make. The team with the most points left at the end of the day takes the prize.
The chairman of Namib Desert 4×4 Club, Theuns van Zyl, says organisers have prepared well in advance for this event.
The entrance fee is N$20 per person and vehicle. The gates will open at 08h00 with 10 obstacles set out to challenge even the most resilient 4×4 drivers. Other than the ‘mud gat’ and tyre trench, there will be some extreme inclines, declines and cliff-hangers, which will keep the teams on their toes.
With the event counting towards the Namibian Vasbyt 4×4 National Champion-ships, drivers and co-drivers are ready for a showdown with a last shot at a podium win.
The awesome and colourful machines with entries from Windhoek, Otjiwarongo, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are competing in three classes, that is, CLASS A – short wheel base standard 4×4 vehicles.
CLASS B – long wheel base standard 4×4 vehicles and CLASS C – any 4×4 vehicles with limited slip or lockable differentials.  The Weskus Vasbyt caters for more than just off-road enthusiasts too.

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