Whale carcass washes up at Langstrand

The same carcass of whale that died in the fishing harbour

Floris Steenkamp

The sea current washed a whale carcass ashore near Langstrand, days after the carcass was pulled by a light craft to a spot south of Pelican Point on the peninsula’s outer bound. The original plan was for the carcass to wash ashore south of Pelican Point, but the current is unpredictable at best.

The Hump Back whale was seen swimming in the fishing harbour last Monday. The whale was visibly injured. Late last week the whale lost its energy to stay afloat and it sunk and drowned. On Friday the carcass was pulled to the Syncrolift and lifted clear of the water for dolphin and whale researchers to identify the type of whale, its size and weight and also to determine what kind of injuries it had.
Later on Friday the whale carcass was lowered back into the water and towed around Pelican Point so that the carcass can wash ashore and nature takes its course.
However, the sea current drifted the whale carcass into a northeasterly direction and it washed ashore at Langstrand. The rope tied around the carcass tail section corresponds the with rope used to tow the carcass to Pelican Point on Friday, leaving little doubt it is the same carcass and not another whale stranding. This was the second stranding along the central west coast in so many days and has researchers somewhat worried.
Efforts will now be focused to bury the whale there.

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