What is happening to Namibia?

Henties Bay dump site

Eileen van der Schyff

A reader expressed her concerns to the namib times this week about the state of Henties Bay’s dump site. The fence is broken and among other problems result in the prevailing winds carrying plastic bags as far as the eye can see. “They need to fix that up and clean up the mess too” the woman said who provided pictures. “What is happening to our beautiful country?”, she asked

Walvis Bay Bird Paradise

A Walvis Bay resident recently took these pictures around the Bird Paradise at the entrance to Walvis Bay. “People are dumping their waste among the reeds and areas out of the public eye. I appeal to our residents to use the dump site for the purpose it was created. Don’t dump any waste in areas not designated for that. You have no self respect and even less respect for others and for our town”, he said.

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