Where are tomorrow’s net-menders?

Namib Times recently encountered a small group of people mending nets at the new fish factory of Seaflower Pelagic Processing. Meticulously every tear or hole in the nets are repaired, a process that requires skill, patience and many days of exposure to the elements.

“This is a profession still practised by the older generation of people, the descendants of the pioneer fishermen of Walvis Bay”, explained one.
“There are very little young people who takes up this profession and net-menders are really a dying breed”, explained the other.
To the fishing industry net-makers will always full-fill a very important role. Fishing gear, including fishing nets, are very expensive. That is for both the repair and replacement of nets.
It goes without saying therefore that net-makers will always be in demand and could be an option for young people who want to work with their hands.

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