Who could have anticipated this problem at a public swimming pool?

The official opening of Swakopmund’s modern, R830 000 indoor swimming complex brought the municipality one problem they never expected. Namib Times reports on 28 January 1972 that officials had to be employed by the Municipality “to keep an eye on bathers’ moral behaviour”.
The report states: “Taking measures to combat definite signs of the new era of sexual permissiveness getting a grip in Swakopmund’s brand new out-of-the-box R830 000 swimming pool complex, are officials who have been appointed to supervise the swimming pool are having their work cut out……”
We quote a spokesperson: “The very moment horseplay starts between the sexes, I know that trouble is afoot, and I stop it immediately otherwise it can reach a stage where both participating members can be lawfully charged for public indecency.
“The provocative bikini’s some of the girls wear are no help at all”, growled this spokesperson the newspaper interviewed.

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