Winter Knights 2019 – Update

On Friday, 7 June- “Winter Knights 2019” started from 06:00 ending at 08:00. All 12 corner stations worked tremendously hard to collect as much donations as time would allow them to and for that, we thank them all.

At 08:00 the sponsoring companies left the corners leaving all donations collected with the Winter Knights at their station.
One has to say- “thank you” for all the effort from the sponsoring companies who still had to depart to their offices and day jobs.
Here are the figures (still to be updated) for all the efforts of Walvis bay Companies and the community:
N$35 829 83 – Cash Collected on Corners (Tins)
N$38 000 – Corners Purchased
N$10 000 – Donations Made into RT36 Bank Account for Winter Knights
N$420 – Cash Collected at Namib Off-road centre Corner the Evening – Total collected N$84 249 83
We also received a lot of donations consisting of
N$8 700 – Blankets
N$300 – Food
N$3 400 – Donated Clothing
N$12 400 – Total Donations Received

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