Woman robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight

A female delivery person of a prominent law firm in Swakopmund was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight on Wednesday in Sam Nujoma Avenue. The incident occurred on the pavement area close to the old snake park across the Engen Service Station. The victim was apparently in too much shock to open a case with the police.

According to Matthew So-Oabeb, husband of the victim Monica, his wife was walking to Shoprite when she was approached by two men. “They probably followed her and were watching her for a while,” he said. It was during lunchtime, when one of the two men approached her from behind and called “meme”. Once she turned around they grabbed her. One of the men pointed a gun at the victim, while they took off her wedding ring from her finger, her necklace, ear rings, cellphone and her handbag before running away.
The suspects were described as one being a tall person wearing a red jacket and khaki pants. The other person was wearing a yellow t-shirt and denim jeans. They are in their 20s.

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