Women to lead Kickboxing

The Namibian Kickboxing Federation saw a historic moment recently with six of its seven committee members women. The committee was selected on 26 September on an extraordinary congress and governs kickboxing in Namibia.
Differences between the Namibian Kickboxing Federation and the Namibian Martial Arts Federation were solved after intervention by the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC).
Last year’s meetings were held between the two sport codes at the offices of the NSC in Windhoek to solve the problems within the codes. At the last meeting that was held at the end of June this year the NSC gave the sport codes 90 days to sort out their differences.
These two codes held a meeting at the offices of the sport officer of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service in Walvis Bay.
At this meeting the members of the Namibian Martial Arts Federation decided it will be just good for kickboxing in the country if all the clubs affiliate under the Namibian Kickboxing Federation.
This Federation has a very good standing with the NSC.
At the same meeting, an interim management was elected to run all the affairs of the federation. That was up to 26 September when the extra ordinary congress selected a committee and a constitution adopted. The interim board were also responsible to make the changes on the constitution to accommodate all clubs.
The Chief Administrator, of the NSC Mr. Freddy Mwiya was the chairperson, assisted by the sport oficer of the Ministry of Sport Youth and National Service in Walvis Bay, Mara Vetuesapi Kandji-riomuini and Commissioner Benjamin Rebang at the Extra Ordinary Congress where held on 26 September in Walvis Bay.
The new committee members of the Namibian Kickboxing Federation are:
Anita de Klerk (President)
Gideon Gurirab (Vice President)
Jeanine de Jager (Secretary-General)
Juanita van der Poll (Treasurer)
Sheila Martins (Additional Member)
Rachel van der Westhuizen (Additional Member).

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