World Dressage Challenge

The 2019 World Dressage Challenge was recently held at the Gymkhana Club in Windhoek.

The World Dressage Challenge offers two age groups, Youth classifying riders between 12 and 16 years of age and Seniors older than 16. Further tests can be ridden in five performance levels, namely Youth, Senior 1, Senior Two, and Prix St George and Intermediate.
World Dressage Challenge happens on 31 December and 1 January each year and serves as a basis for riders to test their skills against others across the globe without having to leave their home country.
The pair judged by Thomas Kessler, FEI four star judges from Germany and local FEI judge Brigitte Davidow were unable to perform to their best in both the Senior I and Senior II tests. Sumari Piepmeyer with her horse Katiti Legolas from Reiterverein Swakopmund provided the Overall Best Score of 64.107 of a windy and chilly weekend’s proceedings.
Nadine Flemming on Seeis Shelton scored 63.036, Kirsten Chiappini on Play-boy 58.393 and Marlene Reisenauer on SeeisEymet scored 55.179 in the former. Their Senior II score of 58.667 could not match that of Flemming’s 62.955.
As the only rider in the Prix St. George, 18-year-old Flemming rode her very last event on Seeis Shelton before leaving for studies in Europe. She scored 60.735.
The competition also offers a team event, which consists of a maximum of four riders with the best three scores flowing into the final tally.
Namibian Team consisting of Kirsten Chiappini with her horse Playboy and Nadine Flemming with her horse Seeis Shelton are from the Gymkhana Club in Windhoek and Marlene Reisenauer with her horse Seeis Eymet from Reitgemeinschaft in Klein Windhoek).
The Namibian team was ranked 29th of 528 riders from 36 nations that competed in the 2018 World Dressage Challenge.
The individual rankings are as follows:
Prix St. George:
75. Nadine Flemming (Seeis Shelton)
Senior II:
29. Nadine Flemming (Seeis Shelton)
69. Sumari Piepmeyer (Katiti Le-golas)
Senior I:
26. Camille Deta-vernier (Amaar-Shatina)
53. Kate Alison (CallahoEryka)
91. Sumari Piepmeyer (Katiti Lego-las)
94. Kirsten Chiappini (Playboy)
125. Angela Dau-Pretorius (Merlot)
151. Werner Bartsch (Aragon)
161. Karin Schommarz (Bellissima Beau Cheval)
57. Linda Freyer (Claratal Chromatic)
85. Carmen Piepmeyer (Jason)

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