Young drivers encouraged to be responsible on roads

The DTA stresses the fact that as a driver, you are responsible for the lives of your passengers and those that depend on those passengers to survive and eat.

One reckless act from a driver can leave children orphaned and push families into poverty if they lose their main or sole breadwinner.
Stating that we need to be aware of that responsibility as drivers and not take unnecessary risks.
Adding that prevention is better than cure. “Us, as young people, as the active citizens who make up the largest number of road users, need to own up and do our part.
When 16 out of 20 drivers stopped are driving under the influence of alcohol, then it shows a complete disregard for traffic laws and human lives on our part as young Namibian drivers. It is easy to say that NAMPOL, MVA Fund, Traffic Services and other law enforcement agencies must do more to prevent drunk driving and reckless driving.
Yes, they can run awareness campaigns and arrest drunk or reckless drivers.
But is that a solution or is it action that’s being taken after people’s lives have potentially already been put at risk?”
Numbers that came from the first weekend of the Oputuli Road Safety Campaign in Windhoek and Rehoboth from 30 Sep-tember to 2 October were very worrying when 4 out of every 20 cars were stopped and screened and only 4 drivers were sober.
Young drivers are encouraged to choose a designated driver amongst friends when drinking, who will ensure that everybody arrives home safe. If there is no designated driver available, then it is advised to call a sober friend. “Young lives are too valuable and important to be lost because you decided to take a chance. Namibian Youth, this my plea to you to stop taking chances and put our lives and future’s first.”

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