Your unused books can make a difference

Donate to the school library of Festus Gonteb

Eileen van der Schyff

Books you have already read and which are gathering dust on the bookshelf can become handy in the education of children at Mondesa and Swakopmund’s Festus Gonteb Primary School.
The school has a library thanks to the Mondesa Community School Foundation and the energy behind the Foundation, Nande Junias. The school bought books but it is not enough. The coast’s public can now help to make the difference by donating books to this library and in that way make a lasting difference.
The school library at Festus Gonteb was established with the help of the Mondesa Community School Foundation. “We opened a library where children have access to computers and we also employed a full time Librarian who runs the daily operations and help the children with assignments and homework during and after school hours.” Junias told the Namib Times.
Junias explained that the library got some books from donations from abroad, but it is not enough. The Mondesa Community School Foundation therefor asks for donations of children books to be placed on the shelves of the Festus Gonteb School Library. The library needs books for children aged 5 to 18 years. “With the funds we collected thus far, we purchased new books from Swakopmund CNA to fill some shelves.” Junias said. The Mondesa Community School founda-tion’s website can be visited for more information. The link is:
For any book donations please contact Nande Junias: 081 213 4443 or 081 045 6310.

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