Zak in action

Rudi Bowe

Zachary Martin was in Action at Killarney Race Way in Cape Town as he competes against some TOP DOGGS of South African Racing.

The action at Killarney was for the WPMC an extra special event as the Namibian Drag racing team that previously challenged Cape Town’s top quarter mile experts took part.

The father of Zachary Allan Martin said “Zachary was the underdog in what was a very long day of racing. After the second drag run everyone was talking about him and his Golf 1 that was built under the tree. We had some Mechanical problems and we had to retire. So officially we are the 2nd fastest 2liter normally aspirated Golf 1 in South Africa and the Fastest in Namibia”.

“Some kids play rugby, tennis, do karate, swim, horse riding, hockey and you can name it, while mine do Motorsport Racing of all kinds, Circuit, Oval, Drags and Rally. He is so humble going about what he does, he loves what he does, and he shines all the time and that I am EXTREMELY proud of him” Allan added.

Allan further mentioned that it was a frustrating day of racing at Killarney as we had a few minor issues but the most important being the launch control rpm being too low for that venue’s traction as the Golf 1 kept bogging of the line and made it challenging to effectively compete. With the launch control written into the file we had no choice but to make the best of the situation and managed a time of 13.1seconds.

Zachary finishing 3rd in his Class with the fastest Run for the day with a time of 11.6 seconds with the 2nd fastest Golf 2liter normally aspirated in Cape Town and the fastest in Namibia.

Allen said that they will be back for the Drag’s in Cape Town for a sweat comeback on 27 December 2018.

Allan thanked the Namibian Team and everyone for their support and a special thanks to all the friends in Cape Town for your support and assistance.

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